Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Topiaries

Thought I was a goner, huh?  No, no -- I just fell into a deep abyss of overcommitment at work and at home.  I'll finish that ottoman post one day, mark my words!

I understand it's a smidge late in the game to post this, but the colors are pretty (never again will I use nice words about burnt orange; my blood runs maroon!), and I consider this FALL decor rather than expressly HALLOWEEN.

These took about an hour to put together and were super easy!  They're made with those foam pumpkins from Michael's or wherever.  I got mine half off an eon ago.  I used bamboo skewers that I had on hand to hold them together.  They're painted with metallic pearl and a metallic gold-y/bronze acrylic paint.  I just used a little disposable foam brush to messily paint the ribs of the orange pumpkins.  And I cut a not-perfect circle out of a not-nice dish sponge and globbed the orange-ish spots on the white pumpkins.

I made a pair of these, and draped some Spanish moss over the edge of some old Grandin Road planters I had and never used.  These just wedge into the opening!  Easy peasy.  I wish I could keep them up year round!

Hope you all had a very happy Halloween!

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  1. What a cool idea! I love the front entrance...VERY pretty! JenT